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rev3rsor's minimalist desktop! by rev3rsor rev3rsor's minimalist desktop! :iconrev3rsor:rev3rsor 11 20 TaskBarTender 1.2 by rev3rsor TaskBarTender 1.2 :iconrev3rsor:rev3rsor 46 33
an elusive truth
a staircase.
missing a step is scary
not deadly
lasts a bit
then you joke about it
maybe forget it
since it happens to everyone, anyway
a cliff.
missing a step is scary
effects are felt
and it's serious
never forgotten
and only happens to few
a staircase is not a cliff
but that's not always obvious,
not at first.
:iconrev3rsor:rev3rsor 3 3
epitaph of a soul not yet dead
a candle flickers, overpowered by a sudden gust
a glowing ember, it considers extinguishing itself
"no, maybe i'll stay"
as it gradually returns to its listless, lifeless flame
flickering on, as if nothing had occurred
a pen's lines become intermittent marks, fading to an unnoticed ridge in an otherwise blank ocean
a ruined utensil, it contemplates resigning to a discarded fate
"i can keep going"
as it eases back into meaningless, monotonous life
an endless stream of shapeless ink
"but why do i continue"
i say as i flicker
as i catch on the page
"replace me"
i beg
let me torment you no more
as i fail to die
and proceed with routine
"let it be over"
but it isn't
it never is
not for a candle, a pen,
a soul not yet dead.
:iconrev3rsor:rev3rsor 2 0
the storm within by rev3rsor the storm within :iconrev3rsor:rev3rsor 3 0 eternal loop by rev3rsor eternal loop :iconrev3rsor:rev3rsor 0 0 fallen legend by rev3rsor fallen legend :iconrev3rsor:rev3rsor 0 0 explosion by rev3rsor explosion :iconrev3rsor:rev3rsor 0 0 ac!d trip by rev3rsor ac!d trip :iconrev3rsor:rev3rsor 0 0 unknown realm by rev3rsor unknown realm :iconrev3rsor:rev3rsor 0 0 drifting by rev3rsor drifting :iconrev3rsor:rev3rsor 0 0 relentless by rev3rsor relentless :iconrev3rsor:rev3rsor 1 0
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jisatsu shinaide kudasai :iconrev3rsor:rev3rsor 1 6
saika by rev3rsor saika :iconrev3rsor:rev3rsor 0 0 violet by rev3rsor violet :iconrev3rsor:rev3rsor 1 2 red by rev3rsor red :iconrev3rsor:rev3rsor 0 0


Space port city by leventep Space port city :iconleventep:leventep 557 17 Europa 2097 by PE-Travers Europa 2097 :iconpe-travers:PE-Travers 1,059 54 Fast food city by PE-Travers Fast food city :iconpe-travers:PE-Travers 181 12 AD 2197 by PE-Travers AD 2197 :iconpe-travers:PE-Travers 1,901 92 MSRC Car Park by PE-Travers MSRC Car Park :iconpe-travers:PE-Travers 77 1 UDKproto03 by PE-Travers UDKproto03 :iconpe-travers:PE-Travers 2,372 92 Sluminside2 by PE-Travers Sluminside2 :iconpe-travers:PE-Travers 904 38 Relax by TacoSauceNinja Relax :icontacosauceninja:TacoSauceNinja 309 12 Journey to the Forge by TacoSauceNinja Journey to the Forge :icontacosauceninja:TacoSauceNinja 262 4 Edge of The Cliff by TacoSauceNinja Edge of The Cliff :icontacosauceninja:TacoSauceNinja 316 5 Vaporized Memories II by burningmonk Vaporized Memories II :iconburningmonk:burningmonk 186 25 Vaporized Memories I by burningmonk Vaporized Memories I :iconburningmonk:burningmonk 168 7 Hawk by burningmonk Hawk :iconburningmonk:burningmonk 158 36 Orange light by snatti89 Orange light :iconsnatti89:snatti89 1,733 17 The hunt by snatti89 The hunt :iconsnatti89:snatti89 1,120 24 lost castle by DangTruong lost castle :icondangtruong:DangTruong 2,961 180



TaskBarTender 1.2
What's new in v1.2: GPU, disk space, network, and updated CPU skins! This might be the last major release in a while, since it covers all the info you get in Task Manager.


A simple set of indicators that sits on your taskbar! Files are set up to be conveniently modified using variables, or copy-paste templates to expand the skins. My recommended settings for the normal Windows taskbar (40 pixels high) is the y-coordinate 31 less than your monitor's vertical resolution. For example, at 1049 on a 1920x1080 screen, or 1409 for a 2560x1440 screen.

From left to right in the preview: CPU cores, RAM, GPU, disk space, network (2 versions: bar, and graph)

Please enjoy, and and feel free to modify and make your own skins! I'd love to hear any questions, comments or feedback if I can improve on it :) I generally only do a little bit of tinkering and this is my first original skin.

UPDATE 18/6/17: I'm putting this under CC BY-NC-SA, so you can use this skin with credit, not for profit and under these same conditions.


Inspired by:
Round CPU by svenkaboot:…
Network UpDown by balls001:…

For CPU temperatures, check the instructions for your preferred monitor program. SpeedFan and CoreTemp versions are still included if you use them, but I'm moving to HWiNFO because it includes CPU core temps, GPU usage and GPU temps (among other things). Please note that Ryzen doesn't support individual core temperatures, so as pictured in the screenshot, I've simply made each core show the package temperature. Intel still supports individual core temperatures, and you can change the HWiNFO values in the skin files.

You can find the HWiNFO plugin and information required for setup here:…

The screenshot features jordangrimmer's Switch City, my current wallpaper!…



v1.2 26/2/18
-added variants of CPU skins for SpeedFan, CoreTemp and HWiNFO
-added GPU skin using HWiNFO
-added disk space skin
-added network skins - bar and graph

v1.1 19/6/17
-added "CPU [MT]" for CPUs with multi-threaded cores. Each core displays one thread clockwise, one thread counter-clockwise.
-added copy-paste-replace template for easier expansion of no. of CPUs/RAM bars (check the code, scroll down)

v1.0 14/5/17
-initial release
This might not be what you expect it to be. Since I've more or less stopped drawing, dA's become a place for me to do some writing and (semi-)vent a bit.


Need For Speed World was a game I played in probably 2013? I forget exactly when, but it was reasonably early. Early enough that earning in-game cash was quite difficult and the majority of cool cars and items could only be purchased with real currency. While the game isn't necessarily the important part of this, I still like(d) it so I'll go over it a bit. We know I like racing games, and customisation is a pretty big part of the experience for me. There's a reasonable amount in there, though I prefer something closer to the original Underground and Underground 2 (in my opinion 2 went a little overboard, but I still liked it). But back to World, I liked it because it was refreshing, had a good range of new and old cars, and had decent multiplayer. (I don't have particularly high standards, anyway.) The map was a bit nostalgic, because it was just Most Wanted and Carbon combined, but it had been long enough since I'd played those that it didn't get too boring or repetitive.

I think one of the reasons I didn't mind the Pay to Win part of World was that I'd previously played some similar online games (card games, because I like those too apparently) with paid content and seemed to do fine without. Those games, I won't talk about them here, were reasonably achieveable without paying money (I admit I did), but did end up pretty fun in my 12v/13v years. I imagined that World would be similar, that so long as I didn't mind missing out on some of the best, fanciest cars I could get by on the free content, and that was somewhat true, I suppose. I did get bored of it sooner or later, though, so I did quit for a long while. I mostly forgot about it, made a few jokes about the about of paid content, and went on to other things from there.

As most teenagers do, I decided at some point to revive some of my old interests/hobbies, and racing games were high on the agenda. I went back to my old NFSs (I owned 4 on PS2, and a few other games as well), which were pretty fun, and I also got back into World for a while. I noticed that it was a lot easier to earn in-game money compared to what I remembered a year or so earlier, so that was a nice addition. I played quite a bit then, logging in daily for daily rewards (only reached a streak of about 2 or 3 weeks, because of intermittent events and such), and it was actually quite fun saving up to buy cool stuff, some of which I actually got pretty lucky on. Of course, with any games like this there's a lot of chance, and I suppose I went 50-50 in terms of getting things I wanted. I did end up saving for a Lamborghini (Reventon, it was the last car I bought and I quite enjoyed my time with it), as well as some other nice things. Around that point I started reading up on the internet (mostly the forums) about World and the things going on with the game, and I found out to my disappointment that the game's servers would be going down at some point in the near future.

I suppose, at that point I changed my view on the game quite a bit. It was still fun, as a quick diversion, but with the events and reminders that "it's only so long until the end of the World" the game really felt like it was coming to a close. So I enjoyed it for a bit, while I could, while not investing too much time into it, knowing that the deadline was soon. I, with some others, would've wanted the last week or day(s) to release all locked content for free, for people to mess around with while the game was still up, but that never happened in the end. I don't really think this game now that it's dead, but I remember being a little disappointed; after all, there were cars I wanted to drive, mods I wanted to try out, that in the end I just couldn't get my hands on. In the end, though, I left a fair bit before the game was over, at least a week, and didn't stay for the final cruise that was organised for its last hours.

Looking back, I'd like to say that I fled the sinking ship before it went down, though of course I believe the game ended on a reasonably good note. (At least it didn't go into decline, with empty servers on the last week.) And even earlier, that was the same mindset I wanted for one of the online card games I had played for a long time, but quit before it was shut down. I like to think that I left while I had the choice, and while I still enjoyed the game - it was reaching a point where, in my opinion, any new releases were uninteresting and progress felt like a grind (which, before, it already was, but then I had some sort of mental goal to work towards). If I knew that the game was going to be shut down, and that the time, effort and $10 I put into the game would be worthless at the end, would I still have chosen to invest in it for two years in hindsight? And on a different scale with World, would I have chosen to return to enjoy those later days if I'd known that my daily pastime wouldn't exist in two or three months time?

I still don't have answers to those questions, and I think they would often change depending on a whole bunch of factors. But while this is all reflection on the past, and how I spent a small fragment of my teenage years, for me living now as a Christian, I have (among others) a much more pressing, consequential, urgent question, first and foremost to myself: If this world is going to pass away, if I myself will cease to live at some day, and I know there is an eternity in store, how do I spend this life? Do I invest my time, effort, money, into this world now? I believe that my answers are given to me from the Bible. And it's ironic to me that Need for Speed World was called that, as it's sort of a metaphor for my own world, and that this analogy would become relevant.


Food for thought, I guess. But what about you? Is this a question that you believe is relevant, and do you have, or even want, the answer? At least for me, eternity is a long time. ~~


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hey! I'm a Christian guy from Sydney, Australia. I play piano, obscure video games and dabble in tech. I also (used to) draw the occasional abstract picture.

Most of my music work can be found on my site, or on YouTube, while my humble art collection can be found here. As of recently, I've started working with Rainmeter too, for desktop customisation.

Please feel free to say hi or ask anything, just leave a comment!


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